Digital Anti-Doping Controls at the Tokyo Summer Olympics

We are glad to announce that we will take part of the next Tokyo Summer Olympics. Based on a partnership with the International Testing Agency (ITA), our main responsibility will be to bring security, efficiency and a better user experience to the doping control process through our MODOC paperless system.

All procedures and information related to every single doping control must be recorded in a DCF once a test to an athlete is conducted by a DCO. Throughout history, paper DCFs had been used, but did not be flexible enough with all actions needed to be done around them.

The MODOC solution was developed by PWC in cooperation with CANNYPACK in order to make all these processes more flexible, by saving time and ensuring comprehensive documentation and communication.

Our system has already successfully been used by several ADOs (Anti-Doping Organizations) during the last few years and it will engage in the first large-scale use during the Tokyo 2020 Games to plan, execute and document the following:

· ‘In-Competition’ Testing
· ‘Out-of-Competition’ Testing

»The use of MODOC stands for a complete and error-free documentation of the doping controls« Stefan Meier, Co-founder, CANNYPACK

Additionally, MODOC has already been successfully used in a number of major sports events:

· CONMEBOL ‘Copa América 2019’ (Brazil)
· IAAF World Athletics Championships ‘Doha 2019’ (Qatar)
· ‘Lausanne 2020’ Winter Youth Olympic Games (Switzerland)

Please, find further information about us on MODOC, CANNYPACK & PWC websites.