To improve the fight against doping, PWC developed the MODOC system, an end-to-end anti-doping database solution and a paperless app.

Not requiring any local IT infrastructure or setup fee, MODOC is a turn-key solution. The paperless app works on- and offline in any mission situation like Out-of-Competition (OOC) or In-Competition (IC) and is particularly designed for doping control teams.

MODOC digitally forwards the completed documentation to the relevant Anti-Doping Organization (ADO) and thus adds instant results and enhanced data intelligence to the ADO’s assets. Sophisticated plausibility checks reduce human errors during the documentation process and, even more, increase the athletes’ trust in the ADO’s work.

Additionally, MODOC includes all involved parties like athletes, DCOs, doping control planners, laboratories and the ADAMS whereabouts system in its communication to ensure everybody is on the same page with immediate and accurate information.

MODOC in numbers:

  • Used since 2014 for OOC and IC testing
  • Over 125.000 tests conducted with the MODOC system
  • In use by many Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) around the world
  • Reliable and legal proof