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    1. Would you like to pursue a varied activity in addition to your daily job?
    PWC works exclusively with freelancers and cannot guarantee you a fixed remuneration. So, you need a fixed pillar different to the Doping Control Officer (DCO) job that guarantees your livelihood. YesNo
    2. Are you flexible?
    Doping controls take time - sometimes more, sometimes less. The average time required for an inspection is approx. 2 hours including arrival and departure. YesNo
    3. Do you have time on weekends as well as during the week?
    The checks are carried out 7 days a week. Therefore a temporal availability both during the week, and at the weekend is a condition. YesNo
    4. Do you speak more than one language (preferably English, German, French, Spanish, Italian)?
    This simplifies the communication with international athletes immensely. YesNo
    Please indicate all languages in which you could be fluent:
    5. Are you mobile?
    Without a driver's license and a car, it would not be possible for us to commission you. YesNo
    6. Do you have fun and are interested in working and communicating with athletes of all sports?
    If you have a companion (of the opposite sex) who can go on a control with you, this will make it easier for us to allocate the controls. YesNo
    7. Are you confident with your PC and Smartphone?
    Our daily tools are email and iPad. Therefore the experience at least with PC and Tablet or PC and Smartphone is essential. YesNo
    8. How much experience do you have in drawing blood?
    None+1 year+3 years+5 years+10 years
    9. Are you currently working as a DCO for another service provider?
    If yes, please name the companies you are working for:
    10. Why are you interested in joining PWC’s DCO Network?
    11. How did you hear about the possibility of working for PWC?
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